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Is that our impact rate progressively increase as time passes

Initiative for Improved Male Health (IMH-Initiative) formally known as Male Attitude Network (MAN) was founded in 2006 to provide HIV prevention, psycho-social care and support to MARPs and Vulnerable population who have high risk of HIV infection; empower them with adequate knowledge on reproductive and sexual health and rights issues and advocate for new prevention strategies to further control the spread of HIV among the general population in Nigeria.

  • Formation of Peer Clubs for MARPs and other...
  • Pass information using MARPs and Vulnerable...
  • Establishment of specific information units...
  • Comprehensive HIV Testing services
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  • 30%
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Sexual Health

We facilitate access to free and comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment, care and support information services for HRM in Nigeria


We advocate for government funding and ownership of HIV intervention among MARPs through conducting advocacy to executive,...

Treatment, Care and Support

Our target is to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among MARPs by 80% each year through mobilization and support of already...

Capacity Building

We build the capacity of staff, Volunteers and Community members on various HIV prevention and care component by continually...

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What makes us different


Progressively we match towards our mile stone

1. Empowerment in the area of taking charge of their health, human right awareness, increase in demand for services among our community members.

2. Malaria testing and treatment as an entry point to HT- Services a total of 1,444 persons tested from inception.

3. Over the years IMH-INITIATIVE has been able to build the capacity of community members through strong skill acquisition mechanism, and these persons have been able to apply lessons learnt to real life money making ventures, with proves.

4. More than 15,860 HRM reached with prevention services including correct and consistent condom and lubricant use by Peer Educators and Counselor Testers