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Our Sexual Health work focuses on this programmatic areas

IMH- Initiative sexual health programmes focuses on providing and improving hassle free access to comprehensive health care services for sexual minorities in Cross River State and its environs in extension through networking, referrals and linkages. We also engage in policy advocacy and dialogue with government agencies for a more inclusive and receptive sexual health services for sexual minorities and include them in health programming.

IMH- Initiative sexual health programme also operates a safe community centre for LGBTI community members where we carry out life skills development activities, conduct regular information and education sessions on sexual health of LGBTI persons, engage in targeted outreaches at the identified LGBTI hotspots which aims at reductionof HIV/AIDS infection while ensuring treatment for the infected and STIs screening and management.

IMH- Initiative also provides psychosocial support and re-integration services for sexual minorities who face stigma, discrimination and sometimes violence as a result of who they are.

Our Sexual Health work focuses on five programmatic areas: Sexual Health, Advocacy, Treatment, Care and Support, Mass Media and Capacity Building Programmes

Sexual Health

HIV and STI Prevention...


Advocacy to stakeholders...

Treatment, Care and Support

Nutritional support (adequate dieting)...

Mass Media

Produce information bulletin quarterly...

Capacity Building

Life skills acquisition trainings for personal developments...










IMH- Initiative focuses on three key areas for our Human Right Component: Documentation and Reporting, Paralegal Services, Advocacy and Security Protection.

Paralegal service

Through the efforts of our community based agents and volunteer legal practitioners and our Human Right Officer, we provide pro-bono legal aid service to people who have or are experiencing violation and discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We do this through legal representation at the police station and through alternative dispute resolution in Cross River State and other states in Nigeria. Through the effort of our partner organizations like The Initiative for Equal Rights and Initiative for Advancement for Humanity.

Advocacy service

We promote the rights of LGBTI persons in Nigeria through engagement at the National, Regional and International human rights bodies ensuring the rights of sexual minorities are protected and promoted. We engage with the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) State Agency for the Control of AIDS (SACA), Police Action Committee on AIDS,

The Department of Gender and Human Right in Cross River State and other mainstream/coordinating bodies in advocacy for creation of enabling environment for the work we do and for protection of our beneficiaries.

Security Protection service

In a homophobic society, we recognize that it is important that sexual minorities understand the importance of their own personal security. We offer security and safety information to ensure that human rights violation and mob attacks are kept to a minimum. Through our 24/7 dedicated telephone helplines, LGBTI persons are able to report attack and seek immediate assistance. Do call us on +234 8186702949 or send us an email: talk2me@imh-initiative.com

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