Our Treatment, Care and Support work focuses on this programmatic areas

  • Psychosocial support (mind and environment)
    • Acceptance support
    • Address stigma and discrimination (self and external stigma)
  • Educational support (educate clients to respond positively to treatment)
    • Support for People Living with HIV through monthly client tracking meeting (Support Group Meeting)
    • Provision of health information
  • Nutritional support (adequate dieting)
    • Eating the right food
    • Eating at the right time
    • Eating the right quantity
  • Health Care services
    • Provision of other health care services like malaria check and treatment, STIs screening and management, HBSAG and HCV, BP check, blood sugar check and mosquito nets
    • Adherence counseling/support for clients on ART
    • Partner Tracking
    • Follow up services
    • Counseling and Testing
    • Referrals
    • Home base visits to positive clients who are on treatment
  • Legal protection
    • Advocacy to reduce stigma and discrimination on people living with HIV while referencing anti- stigma law
    • Gender norms and values
  • Economical strengthening (referral for IGA and Skills acquisition)
    • Provision of incentives in the area of transportation for meetings and for other PHDP activities
    • Referral linkage to NGOs and agencies that offer skills acquisition and other Income generating activities
  • LGBTI specific clinic